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  • Improve CSAT

    Improve CSAT

    Enhancing the intelligibility of offshore agents in real time, using a speech filter, results in a better overall customer experience

  • Reduce agent churn

    Reduce agent churn

    Lowering the abuse offshore agents encounter, due to their accent, improves the likelihood agents will stay on the job

  • Boost savings & sales

    Boost savings & sales

    Improving the offshore customer experience makes it possible to offshore more, saving on costs. Plus it increases sales metrics

  • Hire more offshore agents

    Hire more offshore agents

    Improving the intelligibility of agents using a voice filter makes it possible to hire candidates that otherwise would not be hireable

Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas


“Excited to have reduce our offshore agent costs by overcoming Mother Tongue Language (MTL) limitations, and massively growing the pool of candidates we can hire.”

Clem Bason
Clem Bason

GM, Travel

“We are excited to deploy in the Philippines, as it will significantly improve intelligibility resulting in higher customer satisfaction, reduced cost, and better sales conversion.”

Amir Erez
Amir Erez


“’s accent softening solution is sure to boost trust, improve close rates, and drive higher revenues for our agents who call US customers to collect on past-due accounts.”

Ali Mustafa
Ali Mustafa


“The accent softening from is phenomenal. It makes an offshore call center like ours much more attractive to new accounts considering offshoring.”

Clearer Pronunciation softens the accent of agents in real-time as they speak. The solution works for heavily and lightly accented agents. The accent heard by customers is set based on their geography.

Clearer Pronunciation

Noise Cancellation removes background noises that are common on sales and support calls. Noise removal covers work from home noises like kids or pets, and call center noises like other agents in the background.

Noise Cancellation

Improve Voice Quality clears up the voice of an agent. If the agent is hard to hear, or breathy, or choppy, the solution using AI enhances the voice. Customers then are less annoyed by such issues, which are common on calls.

Improve Voice Quality

Preserve Voices softens the accent while preserving the voice and rhythm of the speaker. So agents still sound like themselves but it’s as if they took classes to reduce the level of accent that they have.

Preserve Voices

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Go far and wide offshoring while preserving a more native speaking style for agents.

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Boost offshoring customer satisfaction and close rates by making agents more intelligible and credible

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