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Accent Softening (Beta)

Soften accents in realtime to improve offshore CX

Accent Softening reduces accents heard by customers speaking to offshore agents, improving trust and intelligibility, which boosts results

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BPO Call Centers

  • Boost sales and support metrics required by customers
  • Win new business by having an edge over competitors, improving quality and price
  • Improve hiring by making accented candidates available for hire

Enterprise Call Centers

  • Improve customer satisfaction with offshore agents
  • Reduce costs by moving call volume offshore, and lowering onshore transfers
  • Increase offshore sales by improving trust and intelligibility

How It Works

Installs in minutes on a PC

Soften accent while keeping or changing the voice

Low sub-second latency

Compatible with any VOIP provider

Works with any meeting app

Works on low end PCs

4th Gen Intel Core i5 2GHz, 8GB, Windows 10/11

Track Agent Usage

Soften AccentsSoften Accents

Soften Accents Now

Boost offshoring customer satisfaction and close rates by making agents more intelligible and credible

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Soften AccentsSoften AccentsSoften AccentsSoften Accents
Soften AccentsSoften Accents
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