Hello from Tomato.ai

The first company developing real-time accent softening that retains a person’s voice

By Ofer Ronen in Product 12/14/23

What is Tomato.ai

Welcome to our blog! Let us introduce ourselves.

Tomato.ai is a GenAI voice technology company that helps contact centers improve agent performance by augmenting speech in real-time.

Call center agents are heard by customers with a softer accent while retaining their original voice. This makes agents more intelligible and trustworthy because their accents are localized. The natural sounding solution works out of the gate without any pre-training, and works for any new speaker.

Our Origin Story

“What if anyone selling wine could be given a French accent?”

That was the original seed of an idea which James Fan, our now CTO, had for Tomato.ai. Once he discussed it with Ofer Ronen, our now CEO, they realized how big of an idea this could be, especially in transforming contact centers, with their sales and support calls.

James suggested Tomato for the company name, inspired by “To-may-to, To-mah-to”, and that name stuck. It was a perfect way to capture the notion that there are multiple valid ways to pronounce a word depending on the locale. Soon after they bought the Tomato.ai domain.

The pair previously worked on three other contact center startups, and so they knew the industry well, and how much of a pain call centers experienced getting offshore agents to perform as well as onshore ones, and how difficult it was to find intelligible offshore agents to hire. They teamed up and raised $10M from leading investors, including Point 72 Ventures, Jazz Ventures, Cardumen Capital, Tribe Capital, Octave, and others to seed this idea.

As they started working with call centers they got consistent feedback that softening (or reducing) the accent of agents while keeping their voice was a more organic and desirable solution, that is more likely to be adopted by agents and major corporations, versus completely replacing an agents’ voice with that of a native speaking voice actor. So while this is a much more technically challenging solution to build, they focused their efforts on making this approach work.

Meet With Us

Now that we have the solution ready to test our team is excited to get it out into the World! BPOs and call centers interested in piloting the solution should request a demo. We are looking forward to meeting folks!

By Ofer Ronen in Product 12/14/23